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Ferreirinha Marble Dining Table

Ferreirinha Marble Dining Table

The Ferreirinha marble dining table pays homage to the lasting legacy of Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, a visionary businesswoman who defied the male-driven Portuguese wine industry during the 19th century. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the design of this marble dining table stands as a manifesto of strength, resilience and generosity, all remarkable qualities of the also known “Ferreirinha”.

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Technical details


H 75 cm · 29,5 in

Ø 170 cm · 66,9 in


Product Sheet




ST008 Calacatta Bianco marble; polished

ME006 Brushed brass; high-gloss finish

Long and elegant brushed brass legs in a pure contrast with the delicate amber & golden notes veining of the Calacatta Bianco marble.

Its ivory white hue, along with beautiful grey veins running through it, keeps reminding us of the beauty of the classics.