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Biloba Marble Dining Table

Biloba Marble Dining Table

The Biloba marble dining table started with the challenge of reinterpreting fundamental structures and shapes of monumental Portuguese architecture. The chosen monument was the Alcobaça Monastery, aiming to reflect all its influences in a statement piece. In addition to the architectural inspiration from the 18th century, organic design also played a crucial role in creating the Biloba marble dining table. Honoring its name, three types of marble are combined in a pattern of intermingling arches that magically create the graceful design of two Ginkgo Biloba leaves.

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Technical details


W 420 cm · 165,4 in

D 140 cm · 55,1 in

H 75 cm · 29,5 in


Product Sheet




FI136 Dark green lacquer; satin finish

ME006 Brushed brass; high-gloss finish

ST005 Green Guatemala marble; polished

ST010 Calacatta Cremo marble; polished

ST033 Verde Antigua marble; polished

ST037 Rosa Egeo marble; polished

Green Guatemala, Rosa Egeo, Verde Antigua and Calacatta Cremo, 4 natural stones combined in just one slab surface

We source the best natural stones from quarries in Portugal and around the world.

The brushed brass & green Guatemala marble colour combination conveys a timeless beauty to this table. Biloba is made of the finest materials, all contributing to its unique and exclusive identity.