Our mindset

In Good Hands

Welcome to our workshop. Having our own in-house production makes a world of difference.

It allows us to be obsessed with detail, carefully checking and rechecking and re-rechecking every creation. It gives us the freedom to dedicate ourselves to the most demanding tailor-made and customised work. It lets us assure high-quality standards through the whole process, from design to production, from production to your home.

And it allows no excuses. Because we control all production timings, if there’s anything unforeseen (knock on wood) we are solely responsible.

Greenapple’s production centre works both as an experimental laboratory and a well-oiled family facility with no loose ends. Noble materials and cutting-edge technology, experienced craftsmanship and innovative methods, soulful spaces and flawless work: that’s what we deliver.

Drop by for a visit and see for yourself how we’re taking what really matters into our own hands.

A Matter of Trust

Every human interaction is a stepping stone towards creating something truly original and unique.

Here at Greenapple we constantly work with interior designers, architects, artists and creative people to whom we provide a full range of services, from a turnkey project, including delivery and on-site installation, to individual services, such as design customisation or personalised objects.

Great customer care calls for time and dedication, so we invest. It is in our own very nature to follow through each design stage down to the last detail.

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