Green Apple – International Trading, Lda (Company Reg. 507303938) (trading as ‘Greenapple’), of Rua Aida Cunha e Silva, Edifício Du Bocage — 1º B, 2070-062 Cartaxo, Portugal, guarantees that the purchased products are free from defects in workmanship and materials for 2 years.

If any defects should arise during the product’s warranty period, Greenapple will repair or replace the affected part or parts of the product at our discretion and expense. Repairs or replacements must fulfil all Greenapple’s obligations under this warranty and exclude any right to compensation.

This warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by:

• Wear and tear

• External events and actions, including misuse of the product, inadequate or incorrect maintenance, or improper storage contrary to Greenapple’s recommendations.

• The usage of third-party materials on the product or changes made to the product without prior agreement with Greenapple.

• More intensive or abnormal use of the product than what can reasonably be expected for normal private use.

• Dramatic temperature variations or exposure to exceptional circumstances or conditions contrary to Greenapple’s recommendations.

Natural variations occurring in wood and leather cannot be considered defects, and Greenapple does not guarantee colour resistance, matching of colours and textures or the surface hardness of such materials.

Consumer Claim Rights & Warranty

Should you, against all expectations, be dissatisfied with the quality of your new furniture, we ask you to contact Greenapple customer service and include photos of the defect with your claim. Material and production defects are the ones considered to already have been present on the day of your purchase/delivery (moment of purchase or moment of delivery).

These defects are resolved through repair. A partial replacement will be carried out if repair is not an option. Defects not legitimate as claims are defects that appear by accident, negligence, irregular use, wear and tear or through not having complied with the assembly instructions and the Care Guide folder.

Complaints under the warranty policy as described above must be reported in writing to Greenapple’s customer service department at [email protected] within 30 days after they are discovered. Please write ‘Complaint’ and include the order number in the subject field.

These Warranty conditions were last updated 25 May 2020.