We, the hands.

Glad to meet you.

We are Rute, Sérgio, Ana Margarida, Ana Patrícia, Besiki, Carlos Leandro, Carolina, Cesário, Cláudia Sofia, Daniel, Fábio, Filipe, Francisco, Henrique, Hugo, João Gabriel, João Paulo, João Pedro, Joaquim, Luís, Manuel, Marcelo, Maria, Marta, Nuno Marcelino, Nuno Miguel, Paula and Pedro.

We are the people that bring Greenapple’s creations to life.

Daniel Mata

Master woodworker

Daniel was the first woodworker to become part of our team. His earliest passion for wood began at the tender age of 13 when he built a train that would later on set him on the right track. Along with his planers, filers, rasps and gouges, always perfectly aligned, he applies his mastery with a degree of technical refinement that is fully recognized only by those with high visual and tactile sensibility. Daniel is a fierce advocate of the eternal improvement of craftsmanship.

Leandro Almeida


A careful examination of Leandro’s skilled upholstery clearly shows that we are faced with a non-conformist who refuses to neglect even the smallest detail. Wrapped in silent contemplation of beautiful fabrics, Leandro reveals: “the secret of upholstery is to work with good materials, apply the padding well, and to make perfect seams.” He enjoys passing on his vast knowledge of the craft to new apprentices. He also knows that it can take an entire lifetime to reach perfection, especially when the most difficult raw material is called into action: “when working with leather, it’s necessary to know how much we give of ourselves, and how much it gives of itself.”

Ana Gaspar


Every single object that leaves Greenapple’s workshop is only truly finished once it passes through Ana’s hands. Ana is a specialist in enhancing pieces of design by dressing them delicately with a new skin. Dealing with fine flakes of gold and silver requires concentration, technique and a controlled environment where even the slightest breeze can cause an undesirable
interference. It is such a gentle and dedicated task that time itself seems to come to a halt just to allow for enough duration to emerge of Ana’s mastery hands.

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