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The light colour palette combined with the soft bouclé fabric and white faux fur of our Caju armchair adds warmth and a sophisticated vintage feel to any living room. A minimalist but elegant armchair whose luxurious feel is enhanced by the interplay of the swivel base and armrest support in oxidised brass and the white wool bouclé fabric and faux fur.

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Technical details


W 75 cm · 29,5 in

D 75 cm · 29,5 in

H 78 cm · 30,7 in


Product Sheet




M103676 White wool bouclé fabric

G101326 White faux fur

ME032 Oxidised brass; matt finish

Premium white faux fur

Swivel base and armrest support in oxidised brass

Premium white wool bouclé fabric

Caju armchair will add warmth and a refined vintage feel to your living room.

Style your Caju
Caju is available in a wide variety of materials and finishes. For more options please enquire about this product and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Blue Italian leather of the very highest standard.

Swivel base and armrest support in oxidised brass.

Same design, different look

Upholstered in blue-green jacquard-patterned velvet

Armrest support in champagne-coloured bronze powder