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Grass Lounge Chair

Grass Lounge Chair

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The Grass lounge chair takes its shape from nature’s own dewdrop on grass, promising a comfortable haven on cloudy mornings. Timeless craftsmanship meets modern design, to create a lasting impression of elegance and exclusivity in a unique lounge chair crafted with meticulous artistry.

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Technical details


W 87 cm · 34,3 in

D 92 cm · 36,2 in

H 90 cm · 35,4 in


Product Sheet




WD018 American Oak; natural colour; satin finish

M100619 Light Orange faux fur

The light orange faux fur elevates comfortability to a whole another level

Curvaceous shapes that bring an element of style to any interior

Grass is an ultra-soft armchair that will create a warm atmosphere in your interior