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Unfinished Curved Sofa

Unfinished Curved Sofa

The Unfinished curved sofa stands as a bold statement piece, crafted for those who dare to be different and appreciate the beauty in the unconventional creations. Merging artistry with comfort in its distinctive silhouette, Unfinished disrupts the contemporary furniture scene, introducing a new approach to the modern curved sofa design.

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Technical details


W 210 cm · 82.7 in

D 90 cm · 35.5 in

H 75 cm · 29.6 in


Product Sheet




FI007 Black lacquer; satin finish

M100401 Beige woven cotton-linen blend fabric

Ease into relaxation with the embrace of this elegant cotton-linen blend fabric upholstering.

Unfinished’s a savvy choice for a modern interior living space. We just love its soft, shapely silhouette, making it the perfect place to lay low.