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Olival Modern Sideboard

Olival Modern Sideboard

The Olival modern sideboard is inspired by the sacred symbolism of the ancient Greek olive tree, standing as a testament to the enduring quality of this remarkable symbol. An elegant and captivating modern sideboard in Sahara Noir marble that becomes the centerpiece of any living room with its exquisite top in Patagonia granite. Olival was created to be passed from one generation to the next, becoming a part of every home’s history and cherished as an heirloom.

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Technical details


W 320 cm · 126 in

D 50 cm · 19,7 in

H 88 cm · 34,6 in


Product Sheet




ST041 Sahara Noir marble; polished

FI007 Black lacquer; satin finish

ST042 Patagonia granite; polished

ME007 Oxidised brass; high-gloss finish

EL001 LED light strip

Patagonia granite, a unique signature stone packed with warm beige tones and contrasting rich gold veins

The intriguing Sahara Noir marble creates a rare elegant statement in any interior space