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Lage Modern Bookcase

Lage Modern Bookcase

The Lage modern bookcase was designed to be the focal point in any living area or office. Its asymmetrical design draws inspiration from the top view of the Lajes field in the Azores, bringing a lively and unexpected interest into the room without compromising visual harmony. The willingness to take a risk and flight higher led to the creation of a modern bookcase for daring interiors.

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Technical details


W 200 cm · 78,7 in

D 38 cm · 15 in

H 240 cm · 94,5 in


Product Sheet




FI007 Black lacquer; satin finish

WD075 Walnut; natural colour; matt finish

ME032 Oxidised brass; matt finish

Shelves in walnut veneer and main shelf in oxidised brass

Structure in satin black.