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Breeze Modern Wall Decor

Breeze Modern Wall Decor

Breeze modern wall decor captures the essence of a massive, crashing white wave, mirroring the experience of fearless surfers at Praia do Norte in Nazaré. With its sense of movement and rich texture, Breeze beautifully reflects the duality between the awe-inspiring power of ocean waves and the soft touch of the sea breeze. It’s a modern wall decor piece that evokes the thrilling allure of nature’s raw magnificence.

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Technical details


W 140 cm · 55,1 in

D 15 cm · 5,9 in

H 140 cm · 55,1 in


Product Sheet




FI163 Grey lacquer with a textured effect; satin finish

EL001 LED light strip

A sculptural wall piece with an alluring quality