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Bongó Bar Cabinet

Bongó Bar Cabinet

The Bongó bar cabinet was designed to transform the act of enjoying a drink into an experience of unparalleled luxury. Like the echo of a drum, the bar cabinet unique musical shape reverberates throughout any room. From the distinctive design to the choice of high-quality materials, every detail is carefully handcrafted to ensure a striking presence and unrivaled excellence. With automatic lighting, the sliding doors in Sahara Noir marble open to reveal the interior in Patagonia granite shine from within.

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Technical details


W 171 cm · 67,3 in

D 54 cm · 21,3 in

H 196 cm · 77,2 in


Product Sheet




FI073 Champagne bronze powder; high-gloss finish

WD075 Walnut; natural colour; matt finish

ST041 Sahara Noir marble; polished

ST042 Patagonia granite; polished

ME007 Oxidised brass; high-gloss finish

EL001 LED light strip

The beautiful combination of the oxidised brass handles with the fascinating, intricate veins of the Sahara Noir marble

Automatic light switches granting the Patagonia Granite stone texture to shine from within

A special state of the art sliding door mechanism tailored specifically for Bongó. Doors automatically open when movement or touch is detected. Optional wireless remote control.

The choice of materials, construction and execution in the Bongó making, is pursued without compromise and represent the finest in quality when it comes to combining modern production methods with expert craftsmanship.

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