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A calm and serene feeling like the wind blowing gently through the window. The wooden base embodies what we can only imagine as the movement of a breeze. Lacquered in high-gloss black and fitted with polished Calacatta Bianco marble, the choice of monochrome colours leaves no room for thought.

The surface of Calacatta Bianco marble is decorated with soft grey and gold tones, and the inlaid detail of polished stainless steel on the base adorns Windy’s organic form. The elegance is found in the simplest details that give this piece a sophisticated touch.

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Technical details


W 280 cm · 110.2 in

D 120 cm · 47.2 in

H 75 cm · 29.5 in


Product Sheet




GL009 Ultra clear glass

ST008 Calacatta Bianco marble; polished

FI032 Black lacquer; high-gloss finish

ME001 Polished stainless steel

Creamy white surface decorated with soft grey and gold shades makes Calacatta Bianco a remarkable stone

Windy’s organic and sophisticated shape fits right in with both the contemporary as well as minimal aesthetics.