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A sacred symbol of ancient Greece, Olival embodies the resilience and longevity of the olive tree. A piece built to last forever, to be passed down from one generation to the next.

The captivating Sahara Noir marble makes a rare, elegant statement in any room. The beautiful Patagonia granite gives the sideboard a unique signature with its warm beige tones and contrasting gold veins.

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Technical details


W 320 cm · 126 in

D 50 cm · 19,7 in

H 88 cm · 34,6 in


Product Sheet




ST041 Sahara Noir marble; polished

FI007 Black lacquer; satin finish

ST042 Patagonia granite; polished

ME007 Oxidised brass; high-gloss finish

EL001 LED light strip

Patagonia granite, a unique signature stone packed with warm beige tones and contrasting rich gold veins

The intriguing Sahara Noir marble creates a rare elegant statement in any interior space