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Mó pays homage to the ancient celebrations of the summer solstice, when beautiful millstones were considered sacred objects. The wooden base lacquered with black and light gold bronze powder complements the tabletop made of aged American oak veneer. The inlaid circular metal detail of oxidised brass exudes a gentle elegance.

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Technical details


H 40 cm · 15,7 in

Ø 80 cm · 31,5 in


Product Sheet




WD108 Aged American oak; open-pore dark brown stained; matt finish

ME026 Dark oxidised brass; high-gloss finish

FI007 Black lacquer; satin finish

FI112 Light gold bronze powder with a patina effect; satin finish

American oak veneer with inlaid circular detail in oxidised brass

Wooden base lacquered in black and light gold bronze powder

A circle within a circle, Mó low table pays tribute to the old summer solstice celebration in which beautiful millstones were considered as sacred objects.