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With its very feminine character, this dining table is a tribute to Antónia Adelaide Ferreira. A symbol of altruism, entrepreneurship, and generosity, “Ferreirinha” was a businesswoman who built an empire in a time and place that was made for men. The combination between the majestic Calacatta Bianco marble and the two long and elegant brushed brass legs is a manifesto of strength and generosity, just like its spirit.

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Technical details


H 75 cm · 29,5 in

Ø 170 cm · 66,9 in


Product Sheet




ST008 Calacatta Bianco marble; polished

ME006 Brushed brass; high-gloss finish

Long and elegant brushed brass legs in a pure contrast with the delicate amber & golden notes veining of the Calacatta Bianco marble.

Its ivory white hue, along with beautiful grey veins running through it, keeps reminding us of the beauty of the classics.