Bubbles 10

Perfect Raw

Decorative wall mirror with wooden structure lacquered in satin white, combining assorted texture round discs: clear-colour crystal mirrors; polished Nero Marquina and Statuario marbles; and wooden discs lacquered in high-gloss silver bronze powder with textured and patina effect.

Clear-colour crystal mirrors

Greenapple Bubbles 10 Mirror
Greenapple Bubbles 10 Mirror

Nero Marquina and Statuario marbles

Silver bronze powder with textured and patina effect.

Greenapple Bubbles 10 Mirror

Technical details

Bubbles 10


Bubbles 10



Width 120 cm · 47,2 in
Depth 4 cm · 1,6 in
Height 65 cm · 25,6 in


Product Sheet

Reference Number



FI042 White lacquer; satin finish

FI029 Silver bronze powder with a textured and patina effect; high-gloss finish

MI001 Clear crystal mirror

ST012 Nero Marquina marble; polished

ST031 Statuario marble; polished


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