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Wooden bar cabinet with round structure lacquered in high-gloss champagne-coloured bronze powder. Semicircular sliding doors in polished Sahara Noir marble, automatically activated by touch and movement. Cabinet interiors in walnut veneer matt finish and polished Patagonia granite, backlit with LED lighting triggered on door opening. Includes glass holder, wine rack and drawers. Legs and handles in oxidised brass with a high-gloss finish. Limited edition.

The beautiful combination of the oxidised brass handles with the fascinating, intricate veins of the Sahara Noir marble

Greenapple Bongo Cabinet Bar
Greenapple Bongo Cabinet Bar

A special state of the art sliding door mechanism tailored specifically for Bongó

Automatic light switches granting the Patagonia Granite stone texture to shine from within

Greenapple Bongo Cabinet Bar
Greenapple Bongo Cabinet Bar

The choice of materials, construction and execution in the Bongó making, is pursued without compromise and represent the finest in quality when it comes to combining modern production methods with expert craftsmanship.

Technical details






Width 171 cm · 67,3 in
Depth 54 cm · 21,3 in
Height 196 cm · 77,2 in


Product Sheet

Reference Number



FI073 Champagne bronze powder; high-gloss finish

WD075 Walnut; natural colour; matt finish

ST041 Sahara Noir marble; polished

ST042 Patagonia granite; polished

ME007 Oxidised brass; high-gloss finish

EL001 LED light strip


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