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Wooden sideboard lacquered in satin dark green. Top and lateral panel in polished Green Guatemala marble. Doors in three marble inlaid composition: Egeo rose, Antiqua Green and Calacatta Cremo. Interior in eucalyptus frisé veneer, high-gloss finish, with LED lighting triggered on door opening. Inlay metal details in brushed brass with a high-gloss finish. Limited edition.

An astonishing Egeo rose, Antiqua Green and Calacatta Cremo marble combination with brushed brass inlay details

Greenapple Biloba Sideboard
Greenapple Biloba Sideboard

The hypnotic deep Green Guatemala marble

Sideboard lacquered in satin dark green

Interior in eucalyptus frisé veneer

Biloba has a distinctive charm quality when it comes to making its presence felt in a design interior or any other living area of your space.

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Width 223 cm · 87,8 in
Depth 50 cm · 19,7 in
Height 80 cm · 31,5 in


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WD085 Eucalyptus frisé; natural colour; high-gloss finish

FI136 Dark green lacquer; satin finish

ST005 Green Guatemala marble; polished

ST010 Calacatta Cremo marble; polished

ST033 Verde Antigua marble; polished

ST037 Rosa Egeo marble; polished

ME006 Brushed brass; high-gloss finish

EL001 LED light strip


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