Design Service


The passion, quality and focus on detail are since the beginning part of the brand’s DNA. They are core values that drive the company into the future.

In the interior design studio, Green Apple provides the customer with a limitless approach, that is, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the customer’s expectations.

Dialogue and shared experiences between the studio and the client is important. Create means to sketch a state of mind, and that must necessarily be the key to the success of any project.

Creative Process

The creative process embodies a creative freedom of expression, the ability to reinterpret something that exists. Creating symbolizes generating ideas that surpass the reality of our times, projecting future scenarios.

All the developed projects are explored to the maximum in order to develop the team’s know-how, that is, to create something unique, innovative and above all to exceed the customer's expectations.


In this department we have a creative team fit for the development of any project: evaluation, mold development, prototyping or 3D, implementation and monitoring on site until the completion of the project.


Laurence Chair