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The quest for
is what makes
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When in 2005 the founders of the brand decide to bet on the creation of a brand, the activity was focused on the creation of small objects and accessories. During five years the work was directed to the design of interiors. With the economic crisis, they decided to change their strategy and, without giving up the national market, turned to the outside and bet everything they had and knew in the internationalization and the entrance in the markets, which, unlike Portugal and Europe, were still growing, such as China and China. Middle East. At present, 70% of the production is destined to external markets.

Today, the Green Apple is an innovative, competitive and fully customer-oriented brand.

The constant investment in Research & Development of original products and materials recognition, quality and differentiation in the market.

Savoir Faire

We are the keepers of an art form

A meeting of generations

Time to work

There is a genuine symbiosis between skilled labor and technology. Each stage of production is carefully crafted by experts in each area, who take time to detail. And Customers know that it's worth waiting for the result. This care and perfectionism is This is possible thanks to the constant training of the younger staff (ranging from joinery to from sewing to finishing).

Guardians of an art

In a winning combination of tradition and avant-garde, our team of young creatives unique and bold design that come to life in the experienced hands of our master craftsmen.

The Atelier

We are never satisfied: there is an incessant quest for innovation, both in terms of materials and design of the articles that make up the collections, which are characterized by contemporaneity, comfort and exclusivity. We have absolute respect for art and we know that it is born of the total freedom of create.


Sérgio Rebola and Rute Martins, partners, and co-founders of Green Apple are the faces of this young success story.

Sérgio Rebola

Founder and CEO

Rute Martins

Founder and Creative Director

" I

nspiration from a place,
a situation or simply from our
existence are the bases for creation."

Rute Martins (Creative Director) and Sérgio Rebola (CEO), are both graduates in Economics and Management.

They founded the Green Apple from scratch and are now specialists in furniture excellence. They knew grow and respond to the requirement to reconcile the increase in production without pinching quality. In love by the business of their lives, know all the processes and parts they produce.

Today Green Apple exports 70% of its production keeps the upward curve with several projects in portfolio for the next 3 years. The new clients that appear are already by recommendation, result of the notoriety of the company, the brand and the excellence of the results.

Project GA

Made to measure

Tailored for you

Exceptional Gifting

The soul of the business found itself through the search for the ideal people for each position. Since experienced carpenters, even young designers, there is a stable, formed by 45 people and led by a couple that elevates them to the top of the luxury furniture. The fusion of traditional techniques and investment in technology helps to unite two worlds that emerge in the Green Apple universe.

Attention to detail